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Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

This Sunday, we are going to continue our study of Luke 6:6-11. Last week, we looked at the call to find our rest in Jesus as a spiritual discipline. Religion never brings rest. Only the finished work of Christ does, and we need to learn the discipline of finding our rest daily and continually in the gospel.This week, we are going to pick up on Jesus’ Sabbath struggles by seeing that the Sabbath not only rescues us from our self-righteousness and self-salvation but also from our cynicism. Sin and religion can lead us to be cynical. Instead of looking for Jesus to show up in sin and brokenness, we start looking for sin everywhere. Finding fault can become a spiritual blood-sport. We expect to see failure around us instead of offering forgiveness. We become hyper-critical rather than supernaturally hopeful. The mission of the church dies when we become cynical because we stop believing in Christ and stop cheering on the underdog.Has cynicism clouded your vision and criticism/pessimism become your default mode? Let’s come together and plead with God to give us the mind and heart of Christ. Let us start believing in the Christ we say we believe and start expecting and seeking that Christ would save broken sinners just like us! Let’s learn the spiritual discipline of destroying our own insidious religious cynicism with glorious gospel hope! Hope to see you on Sunday!

Monday Jan 10, 2022

This Sunday, our sermon is entitled Jesus: Our Rest and Our Restorer. One of the great dangers that Jesus had to address in his day and it exists in our hearts is the temptation to try to prove our own righteousness. There are two ways that we do that. We strive to keep the standards of God’s law and feel better about ourselves by what we have done. Or, secondly, we try to find fault with others adherence to God’s standards so that we can feel better about ourselves. We become hyper-critical hypocrites. Thank God, Jesus came to save us from both religious performance and religious comparison. Spurgeon wrote that we are all born legalists. We inevitably drift back into self- righteousness or criticism and cynicism. What is the drift of your life lately? Have you been exhausting yourself trying to get your act together? Are you feeling exhausted and hopeless? Or are you exhausted with everyone else? Do you find yourself constantly looking at others with a jaundiced eye? Come thisSunday and find rest and restoration in no one else from Jesus – the Lord of the Sabbath.   To find out more about Waterbrooke Church and watch this sermon, go to www.waterbrooke.church

Sunday Jan 02, 2022

This sermon is called, "New Wine for a New Year." We studied Luke 5:27-39. As Jesus comes to establish His kingdom, the changes seem radical to everyone around him. It’s clear that Jesus isn’t here to carry on the status quo. The new covenant is likened to a caterpillar and a butterfly. There is a direct connection between the two but the new is far, far better and far more beautiful. As we begin 2022, here is the question that we are going to seek to answer – what are you going to do with this New Year of life that God has given to you? Are we open to God doing a new thing in our lives? What is this new life meant to look like in Christ? Would you pray for yourself and for Waterbrooke Church that God would do something far better and far more beautiful in our lives in 2022? We are meant for so much more in Christ.   To Watch this series go to https://www.waterbrooke.church/2895-2/

Sunday Dec 26, 2021

This week we welcomed Pastor Steve Kim of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto as our guest speaker. He preached from 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12, and his sermon is titled, "The Church of Brotherly and Sisterly Love."   To find out more about Waterbrooke Church, go to www.waterbrooke.church

Sunday Dec 19, 2021

s we see and sense all around us the hustle and bustle of the Christmas crowds, we gather to worship to remind one another that the God of the universe broke into the chaos and disorder of our world by become fully human in the out of the way town of Bethlehem to an insignificant young man and woman, Joseph and Mary. If there is anything clear here, it is that Christ hasn’t come to simply slide into the culture that we have created. He has come with a counter-culture, a counter-kingdom, that brings what all the religions and kingdoms of this world have never been able to bring. Jesus is the upside-down Savior. He turns our values, our perspectives, our ideas about life and joy and peace upside-down. The righteous are out. The unrighteous are in. The leper is clean. The clean are leprous. Jesus shows us that we don’t need a little fine tuning to fix our lives. We need a great over-turning of our lives. Our sermon is called, "Jesus, the Upside-Down Savior." Come and see how in Luke 5:12-16, Jesus overturns the religious ideas of His day because He is not just another teacher – he is the Christ, the Savior of the world. To find out more about Waterbrooke Church go to www.waterbrooke.church

Tuesday Oct 12, 2021

This Sunday’s message was on the joyful encounter between two women, Mary and Elizabeth. Both are overjoyed to see each other. Yet, the joy is greater than a family reunion between relatives. It is the joy of the Holy Spirit over the greatest news in the world: the Lord of all has come to earth.Our message this week is called, "Amazing Savior: Earthly Misery Disrupted by Heavenly Mercy." This is a great message for people who are struggling with a sense of the hopelessness, brokenness, and futility of life in a fallen world. These women feel the weight of the world but they overjoyed by the weight of the Word – the Lord is here!Let’s pray that the Lord who appeared to them would be near to us this Sunday and bring His mercy to bear upon all our lives. It’s communion Sunday, so prepare your hearts to remember the cross and the mercy of God’s forgiveness through Jesus.

Tuesday Oct 05, 2021

This Sunday, our sermon title was, "Disrupted Anonymity – God’s Astonishing Call of Mary and God’s Astonishing Call of Us." There is no doubt that most of us are well acquainted with the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary, the young teenage girl, who God has chosen to bear His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.What we may have failed to realize is that while Mary has a unique place in the purposes of God, she actually represents a movement of God that includes all of us. Luke is tracking the spread of God to the nations. He is describing the Glorious Disruption of the Roman Empire, of the world, by a motley crew of disciples who have a great deal in common with Mary. God chooses to use insignificant, anonymous people who are willing to offer up themselves and the comfort of their anonymity for the sake of bringing His Son and His salvation to the world.It’s amazing that God called Mary. It’s equally astonishing that God calls us. Would you begin to pray and ask God to give you the heart of Mary because He has already called you and me into His mission?In Christ,Pastor Kevin Dibbley

Tuesday Sep 28, 2021

The message this week is Luke’s detailing of the encounter between the priest Zechariah and the angel Gabriel. I have entitled this message "Disrupted Disgrace" because we see God ending the deep sorrow and disgrace that Zechariah and Elizabeth have been feeling personally. God is also bringing hope to the deep disgrace that Israel is experiencing spiritually.Here is what I want to invite you to do. Would you read through Luke 1:5-25? Would you ask God to bring about a deep repentance in our lives as Waterbrooke Church through Jesus Christ? A simple prayer is this: “Help us repent and help us rejoice.” Let’s pray for a renewal and revival to begin with us! Looking forward to experiencing God’s power with you Sunday!   Join us in person or live stream on Sundays at 9am and 11am (Children's church and nursery available at 11am).

Sunday Apr 11, 2021

This week's message was called "Abraham's Very Bad Plan and Abraham's Very Good God." One of the realities for us as Christians is that we make bad decisions, and then we make things worse by attempting to justify those choices. Do you ever do that?In Genesis 20, Abraham and Sarah stick with the bad plan that Abraham concocted when they left Ur of the Chaldees to head to the land God was calling them to. That plan was that if someone ever asked if Sarah was Abrahams wife, she would say that she was his sister. Fear leads us to make bad decisions. Guilt leads us to make bad excuses. What we do after we get caught in a sinful choice is almost as critical as the decision we make in the first place.What Genesis 20 teaches us is that there is no ground of justification for any of our bad choices. There is no way out of our sin and guilt except in the righteousness of God that comes by faith. Martin Luther wrote, "Every week I preach justification by faith to my people because every week they forget it." Oh, isn't that true? Let's investigate why we need God to justify us when all our attempts at self-justification fail.

Sunday Mar 28, 2021

This Sunday's message will be in Genesis chapter 19. The message is called "Fleeing Sodom to Christ." Sometimes the Bible uses hard passages to do heart work. This is one of those passages.God loves us enough to drive us from our sin and ourselves straight into the arms of Christ. Let's all pray that the warning of Sodom and Gomorrah would lead to a deep work of the Holy Spirit. Looking forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.

Sunday Mar 21, 2021

In this Sunday’s message, we are going to begin looking at one of the most sobering passages in the Bible – the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Our message is called: "What to Do When the World Has Gone Mad."While Genesis 18-19 may be one of the weightiest passages in the Bible, it also is one that carries for us a strong, strong promise of hope. It serves as a great reminder of that God has often intentionally placed his people in places of deep moral darkness throughout biblical history. That is certainly true for Abraham.Since we live in period in history when the world around us seems to be rushing headlong towards the wrath and judgment of God, we could use a fresh reminder that God has something crucial for all of us as His people to do. Let’s carefully and prayerfully examine what Christian faithfulness looks like in a time of worldly wickedness.

Sunday Mar 14, 2021

This Sunday’s message was entitled "Feasting With God: How Hospitality Reveals the Grace of God." We are going to study Genesis 18:1-15 in which Abraham has three guests suddenly appear. It is illuminating to watch Abraham suddenly and excitedly scurry about because one of them is the Lord.Especially during these times of COVID and forced isolation, it is crucial that we all see that sharing our lives together as Christians and showing hospitality is a divinely orchestrated gift of God. It is the means not only of grace to us, but grace through us.Pray that God would show all of us the amazing beauty of a God who loves to feast with His people and to bless them as they feast with others. Let's Worship Together!

Sunday Mar 07, 2021

This Sunday’s message was entitled "Starting Over Again for the First Time". Thirteen years have passed since Genesis 16.  As we come to Genesis 17, it sounds like another  promise of God to bless Abram and Sarai. Abram is now 99 years old. Sarai is almost 90. Yet, there is something very, very new here. Just when Abram might be tempted to think that it’s too little too late for him, God says, “Okay, now we are ready!”This chapter is great news for anyone who has thought that they were too far gone to be any good to God. It is really good news for those who feel like their spiritual lives have been shriveling up during COVID, messed up by marriage or parenting, and worn out by the long wearying wilderness experiences of life. It’s never too late for a new start, for a new vision, for a new engagement with the mission of the God. God delights to give people new hearts and new starts. Is God calling you to a new and fresh start with his mission and call on your life? Let’s encourage one another on Sunday with this great gospel hope!

Sunday Dec 27, 2020

Revelation 21:4 “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”   “My life flows on in endless song, Above earth’s lamentation I hear the real though far off hymn That hails a new creation. No storm can shake my inmost calm While to that Rock I’m clinging. Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth, How can I keep from singing?” -Robert Lowry   Watch or listen to this Sermon series at www.waterbrooke.church

Sunday Dec 20, 2020

This weekend as we prepare for Christmas we are going to walk through Revelation 21:1-3. This text, no doubt, is one of the mountaintops in the Scriptures. We see the glorious hope that we have before us. The vision that God gives us in this passage is almost unspeakable. It’s important to remember that the book of Revelation was written to real churches in the 1st century that were struggling deeply with the reality of being faithful in a broken and fallen world. With evil both outside the church and in the church it’s easy to let all the gloom of this world captivate our hearts. The question that we must ask ourselves as we continue to walk as the church between Christ’s first coming and His second coming is, “Will we be gripped by the gloom or by the glory?” What or who captivates our hearts will direct our worship and our mission!

Sunday Dec 13, 2020

As you prepare for worship this Sunday, listen this great quote from C.S. Lewis in his book Mere Christianity: “Probably earthly pleasures were never meant to satisfy it, but only to arouse it, to suggest the real thing. If that is so, I must take care, on the one hand, never to despise, or be unthankful for, these earthly blessings, and on the other, never to mistake them for the something else of which they are only a kind of copy, or echo, or mirage. I must keep alive in myself the desire for my true country, which I shall not find till after death; I must never let it get snowed under or turned aside; I must make it the main object of life to press on to that other country and to help others to do the same.”   This Sunday’s message is called Humanity 2.0 – Better than the Garden of Eden.   During this time of CoVid, it seems like many of us are groaning over what we see slipping away. We long for a return to “normal life”. That’s not what the Bible exhorts us to do. Our fighter verse is from 1 Corinthians 15:52. In 1 Corinthians, Paul rejoices over the resurrection of Christ and the guarantee of our future bodily resurrection. Paul urges Christians to stop looking back, languishing in fear, grieving what is lost. Why look back when something far far greater and far more glorious is right around the corner? This difficult road is leading somewhere better than we have ever known.   Christmas Eve Worship Service - 5:30PM - Live Streamed and In-person - Save your seat today at www.waterbrooke.church SHOW LESS

Sunday Dec 06, 2020

This Sunday we are going to look at why the Holy Spirit points us to continually to the incarnation of Christ. With that the facts of Christmas helps us fight the battles we face with our own feelings this time of year. Tune in online or come on Sunday and join us as we consider how to find joy when we long to be with God’s people in the joy of God’s presence. Next Week's Fighter Verse: Sunday December 13 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 In the Twinkling of An Eye: Big Changes are Coming Watch previous sermons and other resources at www.waterbrooke.church

Sunday Nov 29, 2020

It’s a strange Thanksgiving weekend coming up - unlike any other in most of our memories. That is why this Sunday’s message from Psalm 84 is so timely! In Psalm 84, the psalmist longs to be with God’s people going up to worship at the Temple. The annual Jewish festivals provided great opportunities to be together, to rejoice, to celebrate and to remember God’s faithfulness. One author wrote, “Longing is written all over this psalm.” The psalmist groans that he cannot go to celebrate in Jerusalem with God’s people. While many of us are unable to be with family or are unable to join for corporate worship this Thanksgiving, we will find that this passage provides enormous hope, wisdom, and comfort. The longing of Psalm 84 really reflects the longing for heaven. We long for the day when we can be in God’s presence and away from the suffering, sickness, and sin of this world. Tune in online or come on Sunday and join us as we consider how to find joy when we long to be with God’s people in the joy of God’s presence.   To Watch this sermon and others go to www.waterbrooke.church Follow us on YouTube and Facebook as well.

Sunday Nov 22, 2020

For the last six Sundays in 2020 and the first Sunday of 2021, we are going to study the finalseven passages of Scripture that are part of our church “Fighter Verses” memory program. We thoughtthat in this time of chaos and uncertainty the best thing that we can do is to try to get God’s Word deepinto our hearts and lives. We are doing so that we might help each other be filled with peace and hopein these crazy CoVid times. So, would you be willing to join us in this? Would you take up the challengeto memorize some or all of these passages? Would you be willing not only to finish 2020 by kneadingGod’s Word into your heart and mind and life, but to get a jump on 2021 with the comfort,encouragement and hope of the Scriptures? Here is a list of the verses that you as individuals or familiescan learn and share together so that we as a church family might see, savor and share the all-surpassingworth of Christ! Sunday November 22 - Psalm 79:9 From Groaning to Glory: Pleading That Pleases (and Persuades) GodSunday November 29 - Psalm 84:10-11 Better is One Day: Home is Where Your Heart IsSunday December 6 – 1 John 4:4 Greater Is He That is In You: Stronger Than You ThinkSunday December 13 – 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 In the Twinkling of An Eye: Big Changes are ComingSunday December 20 – Revelation 21:3 Christmas Presence: Company is Coming For a Very Long TimeSunday December 27 – Revelation 21:4 No More Tears: Saying Good-bye to Sorrow ForeverSunday January 3 – Revelation 21:5-6 I am Making All Things New: Something Certain To Look Forward To.

Monday Oct 05, 2020

This Sunday’s message is called "Gospel Joy in a World Gone Mad: How Jesus Radically Frees the Christian To Live Joyfully in An Angry and Chaotic World". After the presidential debate this past week, this may be a message that many of us need to hear. The reality is that the gospel creates two radically different responses when the world spins out of control. Paul weeps over those who have turned from Christ as Savior to seeking to save their own lives.It’s not simply because Jesus is worthy. It’s because there is no other name under heaven by which anyone can be saved. Let’s come and weep and rejoice in the Lord together. Let’s see, savor, and share the all-surpassing worth of Christ.   Watch this Sermon at www.waterbrooke.church/hub

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